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Why required Flutter App Development? Why Flutter App Development leading role in Mobile development and what are the benefits and features of Flutter Development.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is Google’s mobile UI framework for crafting high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android in record time. Flutter works with existing code, is used by developers and organizations around the world, and is free and open source.

Benefits of Flutter Development?

There are a lot of benefits of Flutter Development as it saves time and money for Client and the developer because it can build a simple app in around ten days where another platform can build the same apps in 20–30 days.

creating apps for iOS and Android are two very different animals. iOS apps are built with Objective-C or Swift. Android apps are built with Java or Kotlin. iOS apps are created in XCode and deployed via iTunesConnect and the App Store. Android apps are created in Android Studio and deployed via the Play Store.

The solution to this divergence for most companies is to simply have two different teams — one for iOS and one for Android. The problem is obvious. Two apps. Two teams. Two different platforms. 2x the cost. 2x the time. 2x the overhead.

Everything must be done twice, and that assumes both teams implement a feature consistently the first time. If you’re Facebook, then this is irrelevant because you have all the money and talent in the world to solve this problem. If you’re a start-up or budget-constrained, this is a big deal

Here I am listing out the following that is most important:-

Open-Source: It is an open-source and developed and maintained by Google so that is must treatable and feature keep updating as per Google standard. It is free to use for personal as well as commercial and since it is an open-source it has been a huge growing community that helps you to get your answer if you have been getting or you will get while developing your Flutter app.

Easy to Manage application: In flutter everything is widgets. So it is easy to customize and Manage applications. e.g: In today's digital world everything keep daily faster than we expect. So if we do require any customization based on the market then it is easy and fast to update and manage your applications. Your developer just has to develop a single codebase and update that and it will work for both iOS and Android.

Cross-Platform: It allows building cross-platforms native apps that help you to build app faster and one app will work on multiple platforms like Android and iOS both. Its inbuilt widget development features automatically adjust your app style components (Like button, Menu, Text, Image, and others) based on devices that allow users to feel like native apps.

Fast Development: In Flutter everything is widgets. So you can build widgets into your mobile app component. it’s Stateful Hot-Reload features and fully-customizable widgets feature helps you to build a native app interface in minutes. So now design your app wireframe get it live with Flutter Fast Development.

A Single Codebase: Flutter has a single codebase. It means now you don’t require multiple codebases to develop your app for multiple platforms. Now a single code will work for both Android and iOS apps. So with Flutter, you have to write only one code for your app while development and it will work on both platforms. It’s in build feature automatically adjust with platforms native behavior and incorporate with your mobile components like List, Menu, Text, Images, Material Components, and others.

Hot Reload: It has a Stateful Hot-Reload feature that helps developers to build their faster and debug their app while developing.it also provide a feature to the developer to check UI side by side he changing code Unlike the previous app development if you have to do changes then you have to build recompile, build the grid, and build a package to see what result will come and it consumes a lot of time. Now with Flutter Hot-Reload show the result once you save your code on your development editor tools that help the developer to debug their code faster and fix it.

Native Performance: Flutter’s widgets will incorporate automatically with all important platforms differences, Like Scrolling, Icons, Menu, Text, Navigation, Fonts, and others, so that your mobile app performs like a native app for both Android and iOS and user feel like a native app as per their devices.

Expressive UI: It has an awesome inbuilt feature that helps you build an expressive and beautiful UI for your APP. It has inbuilt material Design UI and Cupertino (iOS-Flavor) widgets that help you build a great and expressive UI. Along with it has rich motion Application Programming Interface (API), Natural Scrolling, and platform awareness. So now give an easy and beautiful UI app for your users with Flutter and let’s enjoy your user with your app without any more hustle.

Why You Should Choose Flutter Development?

Now you have checked the main features of Flutter and what are the benefits of all the above features. Now some important points about why we should choose Flutter for app development? Here I mention some points that do matter for any business it might help you why to choose Flutter.

Time: It has a single codebase feature and hot-reload features that allow us to build one code only and that app will work on both Android and iOS platforms. So you can save a lot of time while it has been taken while developing a native app for Android and iOS separately.

Cost: It will save your cost. How? Because here you don’t require a multiple development and testing team. Now one development team and one testing team will take care of your development process and it’ll reduce almost half of your development cost with fast development.

Team Management: Now you don’t require multiple team management that we do while developing a separate development for Android and iOS. Now one team management will handle all your process and operations for multiple platforms developments.

Software Development Life Cycle: Now if you consider all the above factors then it becomes a full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Now your SDLC has been a boost and your process will be very smooth and easy to manage.

What are companies are using Flutter?

There are top companies using flutter. I am listing some of the world's best companies that are using Flutter.

Google: Google using flutter as app development. And you will find that app on play store or you might be using it. Google ads, Google Assistance the two most popular app build by Google on Flutter that max people have been using in daily life.

Alibaba: Alibaba Group now builds its mobile app on Flutter. Alibaba is the world's largest eCommerce site for commodities.

Groupon: Groupon has been introduced its mobile app on Flutter.

BMW: As per Flutter's official site now BMW starts using Flutter after update of Flutter 1.9.

eBay: Now, eBay has been introducing Flutter as a mobile app development to get fast and better performance.

AirtelTigo: Now they developed their mobile application on Flutter to provide all solutions with one application. As per communication their app has been developed and maintained by Ionicfirebaseapp.com. Their application has been providing the caller, money transfer, credit transfer and others feature with their mobile app.

Like that there are other companies have been started using Flutter you can see Flutter Showcase flutter.dev/showcase



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